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I’m Linda and I am a fear-fighter.

Fear? You thought this site was about liv­ing with­out ask­ing per­mis­sion. Well, it is. Many times, when we feel we have to ask per­mis­sion to do some­thing or try some­thing, we are really look­ing for some­one to soothe our fears and self-doubt.

If you’re any­thing like me — and my bet you are at least a lit­tle or you wouldn’t be here — that self-doubt can be a real bitch.

I want to help you lis­ten to that feel­ing that you have deep in your core. You know… that voice that tells you what you really want and need to do for your­self. That voice that you keep ignor­ing because you are fear that what you want is silly, or you will fail, or your mom will nag you to death. Ok… your mom may still nag you to death but you can at least be doing what is best for you while she does it, right? I want to help you set aside the habit of ask­ing for per­mis­sion for things that you already know are exactly what you need and want to be doing. Let go of the doubt…

It is time to start let­ting go of those fears and learn­ing what you’re really made of.

We usu­ally know what is best for our­selves. When we get quiet and lis­ten to that voice that comes from your heart — the one deep down that we tend to ignore until we can­not go on any more with­out some­thing chang­ing — we learn what we are capa­ble of, what we want to try, what our desires are — per­sonal and in business.

I look for­ward to talk­ing with you. Use the form below to con­tact me with any ques­tions.  Go ahead… I give you permission!

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