I like cheese… part 2

No, this is not another post on home­made cheese.  But it is about cheese and you can never have enough cheese!

When writ­ing I like cheese (part 1), I remem­bered a story that my hus­band told me sev­eral years ago.  I’m sure this will not be nearly as funny as it is when he tells it, but that’s ok.  I know I’m awe­some anyway!

Back when my love was still a bach­e­lor and liv­ing in an apart­ment, he had an elderly neigh­bor, Mrs. Smith, that he would check in every now and then.  He is nice like that.  Well, in check­ing on the lady one day, the two of them started dis­cussing tele­mar­keters and how much they dis­liked them.   Mrs. Smith was so very nice and could not bring her­self to be mean to any­one — even tele­mar­keters — and as such, she had been swayed in the past to buy shit she didn’t need.

Now, most of us are heart­less and would just hang up on the tele­mar­keters.  Mrs. Smith could not bring her­self to do that.  My hus­band, con­cerned for her, tried to get her to under­stand how impor­tant it was that she just hang up on these peo­ple but he knew that she prob­a­bly would never be able to fol­low through with that sug­ges­tion.  She was just too damned nice!

A few months went by and they were talk­ing again.  Mrs. Smith told him of how awful she felt for what she had done.  Since he could not imag­ine what in the world this sweet lady could have done that was so bad, he finally con­vinced her to tell him of her deed.

A tele­mar­keter had called Mrs. Smith and was push­ing pretty hard to buy what­ever gad­get or time­share.  She wanted to hang up on them but just could not do it.  It was rude and com­pletely against her nature.  Just when she felt her­self start­ing to give in, she blurted out “I like cheese!”  When the agent tried to con­tinue their sales pitch, Mrs. Smith just kept say­ing the same phrase — “I like cheese!”  Finally, they hung up on her.

Mrs. Smith thought she had done some­thing wrong, but my hus­band — absolutely delighted with her solu­tion to the prob­lem — assured her that was the most won­der­ful thing he had ever heard and that he would be using it him­self sometime.

So… what the hell does this have to do any­thing?  Mrs. Smith in some small way, felt she needed per­mis­sion to not lis­ten to the tele­mar­keter.  But also, do not be a door­mat.  There are always things we do that we don’t care for — going to the com­pany din­ner, doing the fam­ily thing at Christ­mas or Easter, etc. — but we do not have to be a door­mat for every jerk out there who is try­ing to sell some­thing or get us to do their work for them for free.

The next time you feel like you are doing some­thing that you do not want to do, take a few min­utes to eval­u­ate the sit­u­a­tion and really under­stand that you do have a choice and why you are choos­ing that par­tic­u­lar choice.  One last thing — no mat­ter what choice you make, do what you can to have fun while doing it!