The thing that keeps you up at night

Hey there… I really hate bring up things like this but you have a prob­lem. Actu­ally, we both do. I real­ize that not every­one is up to even admit­ing that there is an issue, much less talk­ing about it but it has to be done. You know that lit­tle voice in your head, the one that […]

the American dream?

I’ve always hated the phrase “the Amer­i­can dream”. It just seems weird to me. What is the Amer­i­can dream?  Does every­one have the same dream?  That would be a lit­tle creepy group-think going on if we did. If my dream is dif­fer­ent from yours, which one of us has the Amer­i­can dream? Does that make the other […]

what exactly does that mean?

to ‘live with­out per­mis­sion’ ? Three lit­tle words that are used all the time indi­vid­u­ally.  When you put them together, it can seem a lit­tle over­whelm­ing.  Maybe even scary.  But what exactly does it mean? The short answer is that it means what­ever you want it to mean. The long answer is… well, that’s a lit­tle longer. […]