What’s stopping you?

What is stop­ping you from doing some­thing that you really would like to do? More than likely… it’s you. We are often our own worst enemy, biggest critic, and largest hur­dle that we have to over­come. How long does it take to get the mes­sage? Have you actu­ally lis­tened to how you talk to your­self lately? Would […]

what exactly does that mean?

to ‘live with­out per­mis­sion’ ? Three lit­tle words that are used all the time indi­vid­u­ally.  When you put them together, it can seem a lit­tle over­whelm­ing.  Maybe even scary.  But what exactly does it mean? The short answer is that it means what­ever you want it to mean. The long answer is… well, that’s a lit­tle longer. […]

I like cheese…

I like cheese. Really, I do. A lot. When I was a kid, it was one of my three food groups (meat, bread, and cheese). Since I like cheese so much, I have been want­ing to try my hand at mak­ing it myself. There are a sev­eral rea­sons for this. First, I like cheese. Um… […]