the American dream?

I’ve always hated the phrase “the Amer­i­can dream”. It just seems weird to me.

What is the Amer­i­can dream?  Does every­one have the same dream?  That would be a lit­tle creepy group-think going on if we did.

If my dream is dif­fer­ent from yours, which one of us has the Amer­i­can dream? Does that make the other per­son wrong? or just shit outta luck? Who judges which one is the true Amer­i­can dream? Why? Where do they get their author­ity on the Amer­i­can dream?

I have my own dream.  It can­not be claimed by any­one else nor is it right for any­one else.  My dream will not work for any other per­son on this planet — not even my hus­band.  Sure, he’s a part of my dream, but it is not his dream. He has his own dream, of which I am a part of (I hope!).  Since my dream is my own, I do not have to explain to any­one why I have the dream that I do.  I do not have to make excuses on why my dream does not fit into the mold of what is ‘nor­mal’ or ‘typ­i­cal’.  I don’t even have to have per­mis­sion from my mother to have this dream.  It is none of her business.

When we are kids, we have dreams. We proudly exclaim that we want to be astro­nauts, fire­men, teach­ers, and rock stars when asked what we want to do when we grow up.  Very few actu­ally real­ize those dreams.  Some­times the dreams change and that’s ok. But more often, the dreams are shoved back to the nether regions of our minds while we are work­ing to pay rent, buy food, raise kids, have spouses, and take out the trash. We get trapped in the day to day and what is expected of us and we can for­get the dream.

As I said, some­times the dream changes and that’s won­der­ful.  Didn’t think you would ever marry or have kids but now you have the happy home with the toys in the hall­way, the cat and the dog — fab­u­lous! But what if you are sit­ting at work won­der­ing how the hell you ended up work­ing 10 years at a job you can­not stand or, at the min­i­mum, just do not have any pas­sion for?  Won­der what hap­pened to the dream of being a writer? Or what about the hobby you had and now it has slipped by the way­side too?

Way too often we get on the merry-go-round of life and get stuck in that rut. We end up going round, and round, and round and are too scared to just stop the damned thing and get off to check out the see-saw or mon­key bars. What fears are hold­ing you back from what you really want to do?