what exactly does that mean?

to ‘live with­out permission’ ?

Three lit­tle words that are used all the time indi­vid­u­ally.  When you put them together, it can seem a lit­tle over­whelm­ing.  Maybe even scary.  But what exactly does it mean?

The short answer is that it means what­ever you want it to mean.

The long answer is… well, that’s a lit­tle longer.

To some, liv­ing with­out per­mis­sion would mean chaos and dis­or­der or heaven for­bid… anar­chy!*  But I do not think that this is a fair assessment.

I think we have given up too much of our per­sonal respon­si­bil­ity to oth­ers.  Some­times those oth­ers are some type of posi­tion of power such as the police and some­times they have been voted in by the major­ity.  Either way, the root of the mat­ter is we have given the respon­si­bil­ity of our actions, deci­sions, and lives to those that don’t know us and frankly, just don’t care.

I’ll give you an exam­ple of what I’m talk­ing about.  Seat belts.  Yep, seat belts and the laws that have been writ­ten and enforced in regards to seat belts.   Per­son­ally, I wear my seat belt all the time.  Even when I am a pas­sen­ger in the back seat of someone’s car.  How­ever, I do not feel the need to tell some­one else that they have to wear their seat belt.  Some may be think­ing “but it’s the law!”  Yep, and I think it is a stu­pid one.  It is not my respon­si­bil­ity or desire to force my neigh­bor to wear her seat belt.

*More info than you really wanted to know — Anar­chy orig­i­nally meant no leader but has been twisted over the years to include chaos, riot­ing, and just all around bad shit that would hap­pen if we do not have gov­ern­ment.  I do not believe that anar­chy is a bad thing as many do.  I also do not believe that by hav­ing a gov­ern­ment to tell us what to do that we save our­selves from the chaos, riot­ing and other mis­cel­la­neous bad shit since the gov­ern­ment is what does and/or causes most of that any­way.  You do not have to believe the same thing in the least.  This is just some­thing so you under­stand where I’m com­ing from.  You agree? Great!  You don’t? That’s great too.  You think I should believe how you do with­out a valid and log­i­cal expla­na­tion?  Yeah, well.… that shit won’t happen.