What’s stopping you?

What is stop­ping you from doing some­thing that you really would like to do?

More than likely… it’s you.

We are often our own worst enemy, biggest critic, and largest hur­dle that we have to over­come. How long does it take to get the mes­sage? Have you actu­ally lis­tened to how you talk to your­self lately? Would you talk to your best friend like that? Hell, would you even talk to a stranger like that?

No… you wouldn’t.

Then why the hell do you keep talk­ing to your­self like that?

Doubt whom you will but never yourself.

~mes­sage from a for­tune cookie

How about the next time you have a con­ver­sa­tion with your­self, find some­thing pos­i­tive to say instead of being crit­i­cal. I’m not say­ing it will pro­duce a mir­a­cle but it damn sure won’t hurt.